You’ve been searching for a way to earn more from your physical product business, but haven’t had the courage to try. From invented products to handmade goods, you can add an incredible income stream to your business with a set of simple techniques.

By pitching your products to retail stores, you could potentially triple your monthly earnings in a very short time.

My name is Justine Grey Smith and in 2009, I landed my jewelry line Plume Adore in 12 retail stores in just a few short months. Through trial and error, with many mistakes made along the way, I discovered a foolproof formula for getting buyers to pick up my line in their stores. I want to teach you how to do the same.

Weekly Retail Stores is for you if…

  • You create or manufacture unique products you *know* retail buyers would love.
  • You want to see your products in more retail stores (and earn a higher income to boot!)
  • You don’t want to waste time combing the web for retail stores to approach.
  • You want to approach retail stores in a low key but very effective way.
  • You want endless amounts of verified boutiques to contact who love carrying indie products.

By the numbers…

  • $150 – You’ll earn a minimum of $150, more than the price of Weekly Retail Stores, with just 1 retail store order.
  • $8000 – The net amount I earned in 4 months from retailing my work to 12 stores in my area.
  • 142 – The total number of stores I emailed during my 4 month wholesale run.
  • 1300 – The total number of stores you’ll get with the Weekly Retail Stores subscription!

Subscription Details

The Weekly Retail Stores subscription is an incredible service that sends you 25 retail stores every week straight to your inbox. Over the entire year, you’ll receive 1300 verified in business retail stores who love carrying indie products. We’ll include the store name, location, phone number, website, email address and contact form so you can take that information and go pitch your fantastic products with ease!

What customers are saying…


“…all of the material looks great”


“I’ve been working on my line item sheets, terms, etc. and I want to tell you thank you very much for helping to pave the road to success for me…

I’m very glad I found you!”



“I got in my first store!! The pitch worked! Thank You so much!” :)




What if I don’t have a ton of time?
The beauty of subscribing to the Weekly Retail Stores is we’ll handpick the best stores and send them to you making you skip the unsuccessful searches online looking for stores to pitch. You get the info, send out your emails and watch your wholesale orders pour in!

Is emailing stores a good way to pitch retailers?
Absolutely and it’s actually their preferred method in most cases. Retail buyers get hundreds of pitches and don’t want to be bombarded by phone calls all day or impromptu in-person visits. By pitching by email, you are giving them a low key way to see your work and with the right tools and support, your email will stand out among your competition.

What do I need to wholesale?
If you’ve got products to sell and are passionate about getting them into retail stores, that’s ALL you need!

Do I need to download anything?
Nope! You just sign up and you’ll get access to the very first email with 25 stores and then every week, you’ll be automagically delivered more retail stores for a full year! What are you waiting for!?